Today was another smooth, easy day.  We started on time again, which I only mention because we are NOT a morning family, which makes that a big deal.  None of us get up early, not even Sam, who gets up first around 8AM.  9:30 is a little bit of a challenge for us, even though we’re just going to our kitchen.  But we made it.

The girls asked again about going to school “on the bus”, so I pulled out the bus we made last Monday and put the paper Sam and Livy on the bus and took them to school.  They thought this was fun, and it helped deal with the whole “riding the bus” thing as well as get us started.  We pulled out our felt calendar again and talked about the date, what today was (Wednesday) and what tomorrow would be (Thursday).  Sam particularly likes working with the calendar.  She likes finding a date and then looking to see what day of the week it’s going to be.  This is also helping them learn ordinal numbers (first, fifth, etc).  I was very proud when Sam asked about the “One-st” day of the month.

Our next activity was another printable from Enchanted Learning.  This one dealt with the five senses.  It had a picture representing the sense (nose, eye, hand, etc) with the name of the sense (SMELL, TOUCH, SIGHT, etc.) written below.  There was a copy line under the word for the kids to try writing it themselves, which Sam did without even being asked to.  She likes to write letters and had no trouble writing out the lower-case words, even though her normal handwriting is all capitals.  (She reads both upper- and lower-case, but has never tried writing lower-case before.)

The art activity was actually planned for Monday, but we made the bus instead so it got pushed back to today.  We made caterpillars by cutting egg cartons apart, connecting the cups with twist-ties, and then and painting the cups to look like the bug’s different segments.  Sam made three, she liked doing them so much.  Liv was more interested in painting the paper I laid out for them to work on, so she spent more time doing that than actually painting the cups.  Both girls adore painting and we could probably paint every day of the week and not get bored.

After arts & crafts, we got cleaned up and walked up to the library, where they checked out their usual dozen books and then visited the cafe for a snack.  It was a beautiful late-late-late summer day, and we all enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air.



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