Pine Cone Bird Feeders

A friend sent me a link to Enchanted Learning‘s website, where there is a simple but fun idea for making those traditional pine cone bird feeders. She also brought us some large pine cones that her kids found while driving through Kentucky. Today, the girls and I turned the pine cones into a “restaurant” for our birds.

We started out with basic ingredients:

  • Lard, to make things stick
  • Yarn, to make a hanger for the feeder
  • Bird seed
  • Pine cones

IMG_6598 IMG_6595

First, we tied a length of yarn around the top portion of the pine cones to make a hanger. While we worked on that, I softened the lard just a bit in the microwave to make it spreadable. Then, we smeared the lard all over the outside of the pine cones. Next, the girls rolled the cones in bird seed that we had dumped into a pie plate.


Of course, these are supposed to be hanging from a tree branch. However, I did not have boots readily available to traipse through the swamp that is our back yard today, so they’ll get hung up another time. But we’ve had luck with setting bird seed out on the table before. Hopefully, the birds will find them before the deer and squirrels do.



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