Watercolor Journals

The kids have been doing some painting with watercolors lately. They are pretty prolific with their art, and I’ve been searching for some clever ways to display some of their things without completely wallpapering the house with their productions. Here’s an idea I came up with to turn some of their masterpieces into handmade journals.

I took one of each girl’s paintings, which happened to completely cover a sheet of 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper, and cut the paintings in half, width-wise. I then used laminating sheets to cover both sides of each half-picture. These protected pieces became the covers of our handmade journals. Then I took a handful of sheets of printer paper, cut them in half widthwise, trimmed about 1/8″ off of each edge, and centered the stack on top of the laminated “cover”. I folded these in half, card-style, and secured them with staples. (We did try sewing them with the sewing machine, but I had too many pages and the needle threatened to break.)


Since the kids would be handling these, I also wrapped a bit of tape around the book binding to cover up the staples, just in case.


We plan to give these to Grandma and Grandpa V for Valentine’s Day tomorrow.



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