First Day of (Not) School

Today, S and I took the kids to our local park to play. It’s still summer outside, dontcha know?? We couldn’t bear the thought of cooping them up indoors, doing some silly alphabet or number game, or scissors-practice, when they could be doing what kids should be doing in the summer: getting hot, sweaty, dirty, and loud.

They had a ball, of course. All four of them ran like mad from one end of the playground to the other a zillion times over. They stopped mid-flight on several occasions to stuff grapes and sandwiches in their mouths, or swig water the way a pirate would pull on a flask. It was great.

Our pile of workbooks sat, untouched, under the planner and the car keys all morning long.

As it should be.


My own insight for today:

“The best lessons are caught, not taught.”


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