Tactile Time

Our first official “Homeschool Preschool” day was this past Wednesday. It went well. My friend S came with her two sons, and the kids had a good time with exploring textures and the “feelie” attributes of objects.

For this activity, we collected items that were hard, smooth, sharp, soft, stretchy, etc.. S brought a lovely velour drawstring bag that we hid each object in as the kids explored it. This got them to concentrate more on the way the item felt than what it actually was, although we encouraged them to guess what they were feeling inside the bag.

First we tried a small rock, which was hard. Once the rock came out of the bag, DD1 and S’s DS1 took turns pounding it on the table several times- yep, very hard! Next we hid a rubber band in the bag. Stretchy! We felt a plastic fork (sharp ends), balled-up masking tape (sticky!), a bottle cap (sharp and smooth), a battery (smooth), and some material (soft). We also did a hot potato and cold ice cream, which segued neatly into crunchy as we sprinkled nuts on top and brought out apple slices and carrot sticks.

As we snacked on our cold and crunchy things, the kids talked about other things that were crunchy. Then they thought of things that were sticky. DD1 mentioned maple syrup. DS1 came up with a magnet. (Pretty clever, actually!) Finally, S brought out a recipe for salt dough and we let them feel dry flour, wet water, and the sticky dough. They mixed in some food coloring and ended up with two piles of brightly colored dough, which they cut into shapes with cooky cutters. DD2 wasn’t very interested in mixing the water into the flour, so we just let her stir her bowl of flour and pour it from one container to another. She was quite a mess at the end, but it all comes out in the wash….


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