Make Me A Cake!

The kids helped me bake my birthday cake today.

We often bake and cook together, as I think it is important for them to learn how our food comes to the table. O1 is just starting to help out, but S2.5 is actually quite proficient in the kitchen. She can crack eggs into a bowl, dump ingredients in with pretty good aim, and is learning to stir slowly… especially when it’s liquids we’re working on. They both love to stand on chairs and help. And they also love to take over and make their own concoctions.

After we finish our primary recipe, I often leave the dirty mixing bowl and measuring utensils out with a bit of flour and some water for them to “work” with. Today, while our birthday cake baked in the oven, both girls worked on baking me my “very own special cake,” as S2.5 put it so eloquently. They dumped, poured, measured, stirred, and whisked for quite some time. My very own special cake was, indeed, special. I enjoyed watching them alternate between working together, dividing the bowls to make their own individual creations, hoarding pieces of equipment until the other one complained, and then back to working on the same bowl. It was precious. And the cleanup was worth it.




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